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Oct 20, 2008   [New Products]
“Esther® MB” is the newly born hybrid plastic brackets which has the mechanical-lock base.
White rhodium-coated arch-wire, that is, “WHITE WIRE”, for more invisible orthodontics…
Aug 27, 2008   [New Product]
“Crystaline® MB”
This is the high-purity translucent ceramic brackets which has the mechanical-lock base with two layers of alumina molding processed on the adhesive side.
Jul 6, 2007   [New Products]
“Clippy-C” is the virtually invisible orthodontic appliance which blends aesthetics with user-friendliness.
“Clippy-L” is the self-ligation orthodontic appliance which provides the benefits of undetectable lingual mounting.
“Seagull Button” is the truly versatile orthodontic attachment which has more durability and aesthetics in the mouth.